What’s in your bathroom?

You can tell a lot about a person when you look at his personal throne room.

I love to look at peoples’ bathrooms. I’m not like a parent running a white glove test, of course; I don’t care about the mess (unless it’s so gross I can’t walk in the room, of course). I care about the different products and décor you will find in the room, which tells a lot about a person.

For example, is everything organic, or homemade? Are there more than ten products for hair care, indicating some high level maintenance, or is it pretty bare? Sometimes you can even get an idea about something you want in your own home, like a deliciously-scented lotion.

My aunt totally stole our Method soap craze when she smelled our hand soap. Are there mermaids and sea shells everywhere—or no décor at all? What kind of theme is there, if any? And the shower curtain—what does it look like? I love shower curtains!

What I really like to do is to see what kind of reading material is available in the john. In ours, as you can see, there are both books and puzzles. My husband and I like to pass notes in our Sudoku books, and my latest book is usually in there since I don’t get a chance to read much outside the bathroom! I’ve seen comic books, magazines and all kinds of fun things in peoples’ bathrooms.

Baths: A great time to relax

Three things to ensure a relaxing bath

Baths are meant to be a relaxing time. However, many people are not properly prepared to relax in the bathtub and here are some of the common reasons why people cannot relax in the tub. By avoiding these issues though, people can finally relax and have a great time when taking a bath.

The first thing a person needs to have is the proper temperature prepared for the bath water. By having the right temperature a person can sit in the tub for a long period of time and know they will not get cold. However, the water temperature also allows a person to sit in the tub and ease some of the muscle aches and pains they might have. 

After ensuring the water is at the proper temperature, a person should use some type of bath salts or oils. These salts and oils, when used properly, will provide an aromatic scent for people to enjoy. With these different aromas coming up in the bath steam, people can finally start to breathe these in and know they are starting to relax again. 
Something else to consider is the lighting and music inside of the bathroom at the time of the bath. With the proper lighting and music, people can finally relax and allow their daily worries to melt away. Without this, the individual may have trouble relaxing because they are concerned about all the activities of the day. 
Baths are a great way to relax, if they are done properly. The issue is many people do not know how to enjoy a bath properly and will rush to get cleaned up. By knowing about what they should be doing though, as provided here, it is easy to relax and enjoy the bath, time and time again. 

Making Bath Time Easier With Your Toddler

Try to make a game out of the bath ritual.

Do you have to fight every night to get your toddler to take his bath? Does it seem like he hates water or is just plain scared of the bath ritual? What are some tips that can help make this time easier on both, you and him?

First, try to make a game out of the bath ritual. Don’t take it so seriously. If you are relaxed, your child will be relaxed. If this time of the day stresses you, he will become stressed.

Next, make a game out of it. If there are two toddlers in the home, allow them to share this time together and make the time fun. You can do this easily by purchasing some great smelling bubble bath and place it into the water before the kids get into it. When purchasing the bubble bath, make sure it is kid friendly. This means that you want to make sure that it is a bubble bath product that will not sting or burn the eyes. It should be one that is made specifically for children.

You can also add toys to the bath water to make the bath time even more fun. These toys must be toys that will be able to withstand water. These can include rubber ducks, and toys that are made for the swimming pool such as small boats, as well as other floatables.

Finally, you can add music and songs to the bath time. Teach your children silly songs to sing while you are helping to bathe them. Sing these songs with them. The songs can be ones that you make up together about bathing, smelling good and staying clean.

Try to make the time fun, stress-free and a few moments that you can enjoy together. Then this time may soon become a time that your children enjoy to spend with you.

Turning Your Own Bath Into A Spa Like Experience

Start by purchasing some luxury towels

Yes, going to the spa is fun and relaxing. Yet, going to the spa can be expensive. It also can be time consuming. This is why many people are turning their own bathrooms into their own spa oasis. This can be as easy as lighting a few candles and relaxing in a bath tub of your favorite bath salts. Yet, you can go the extra mile and turn into a real oasis.

How can you do this? You can start by purchasing some luxury towels. These towels should only be used for these spa-like moments. These towels should thick, soft and should come in your favorite colors. If you want, they can even match your bathroom décor.  After you purchase those towels, you could try to find a luxurious robe that matches their color. Then after you wipe off with the soft towels you wrap up in a robe in matching softness and color.

Before you get into the tub, why not treat yourself to a facial scrub. Place your favorite scrub onto your face and allow it to rejuvenate your skin. While it does this, you can enjoy a nice bath.

Next, you can try something unique with your bath water. Yes, you have surely tried the bath salts, the bath bars, the bath lotions, the bath creams and the bath bubbles. But have you tried turning your bath water into rose water? Simply purchase a few real roses.  Pick off a few rose petals and place in the water. Then enjoy the smell and feel of the water on your skin.


The Essentials One Needs For A Relaxing Bath

You need time and what else?

You finally have the quiet time to take that relaxing bath. Now all you need is the essentials to make it perfect. What do you need?

You need a nice clean bathtub. You need a bath oil, soap or rinse that you love. This oil, soap or rinse should be one that smells nice. It should have some beneficial ingredients that can help make your skin feel soft and silky once you get out of the water. Should it also contain some extra oils to relax you or invigorate you?

You could purchase a bath oil, soap or rinse that contains these added essential oils. You could also just add the oil or oils into your bath water. These can include lavender or rose for relaxation. For an invigorating scent, you may want to consider any a citrus flavor such as lemongrass.

Next, you may want to set some ambience before you get into the tub or begin to allow the tub to fill with water. This ambience may include a burning candle that matches the scent of your oils or bath soaps.  This ambience may also include some soft playing music.

Once the mood is set, you can begin filling your tub with warm water. Never use hot water. Hot water can strip your skin of needed oils. This can cause a drying effect to occur.

As the tub is filling up with water, you may want to shut off your phone, to keep out any interference and lock your front door. Next, make sure you have a fresh soft towel handy, a soft and comfortable robe to put on after your bath and a pair of comfortable slippers to slip your feet into after the bath. Finally, set out your lotion. This should be applied right after your bath for an added benefit to your skin.

Now check the water temperature of your bath. Once it is correct, enjoy your bath and this quality time you have.



Make Bath Time With Baby Special

Don’t rush this time of the day.

Yes, as a mother you probably spend many moments with your baby. You feed your baby.  You diaper your baby. You dress your baby. All of these chores probably become second nature to you after a while. They probably become a little tedious, too, on some days. Yet, you should try your best to make some moments such as the bath time special. You can do these easily.

First, slow down. Make the bath time last. Don’t rush this time of the day.

Next, plan some rituals for this time. Pick a time of the day, that you can slow down and relax a bit more. This may be the morning or evening, whatever works the best for you. However, most moms may agree that after dinner is the best time. This is the time when most of us have slowed down and most of the chores are finished. This is also the time of the day when you and baby may both be more relaxed.

Now enjoy the task of undressing baby. Make a game out of undressing baby. Wiggle her toes while you take off her pants. Sing a silly song, as you take off her blouse. Lay her on a blanket and allow her to enjoy the freedom of being naked for a few moments.

Finally, you should wash baby all over her body. Then snuggle with her a few moments as you dry her off. Give her an extra hug and an extra kiss. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Use this an extra bonding moment between mother and daughter.

Then begin dressing her, again, as you start up a game of peek a boo.  You are sure to gain a smile from her and this is sure to cause you to smile in return.



An Epsom Salt Bath Is An Inexpensive Way To Eliminate Aches And Pains

Yes, age can cause us to acquire more daily aches and pains.

Yes, age can cause us to acquire more daily aches and pains. When we push ourselves past our limits at work, we can also come home feeling achy. Finally, that new workout that promises to help us lose those last five pounds can certainly add new aches and pains in our body. What is a simple and easy way to relieve some of those pains? One way is to take a nice warm bath in Epsom Salt.

Yes, this is the very stuff your mother and grandmother may use. They use it because it works. They also may use it because it doesn’t break their budget.

The main ingredient in Epsom Salt is magnesium. This is why it can help reduce one’s pain.  When one soak’s their body into a mixture of water and Epsom Salt, the magnesium will soak into the joints and muscles of the body. This will help these areas to relax. Once they start to relax they will become looser. This will cause the stuffiness to go out of the body. This will also begin to eliminate one’s aches and pains.

All you have to do is pour a little bit of the Epsom Salt into your bath water and relax. That is it. Of course, if you wish for the water to smell a bit better, you can also add a few drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil, too. A great one to consider adding is lavender. It has a relaxing effect on the body. For this reason, it can work in combination with the Epsom salt.

Of course, the salt mixture is easy to purchase. One can find it in the health aisle at their local department store and at all pharmacies. Plus, it usually sells for $3.00 or under per box.


Prepare Your Bathroom For Quality Baths

A nice hot bath is the perfect way to soak away your problems. You can ease those achy muscles as you allow the warm water to spread across your body. However, to have that perfect bath time, you must prepare your bathroom for this scene.

To do this you must first really look at your bathroom. Does it give you the ambience you need to create a feeling of peace? Look at the walls? Are they too bright? Are they too white? Maybe it is time to repaint them. Consider some pale colors that can soothe you. These can include some pale pinks, blues and greens. Stay away from those bright and vibrant colors.

Now look at your bath tub itself. Is it comfortable? How can you make it more comfortable? Replacing the tub itself can be an expensive and exhausting job. However, you can easily replace the matt that lies in the bottom of your tub. You can also buy some tub pillows to use while you are bathing. These are placed against the neck and head, as one enjoys the water.

Of course, the final touches to consider are your candles and bath treatments. You may want to get these to match. For instance, if you love the scent of lavender, you can purchase lavender smelling candles or oil to burn. Then you can purchase some lavender scented bath oils, washes, lotions, etc to apply to your bath water and body.

Another added touch many women enjoy is soft music. This can be gotten by placing a small radio, Ipod, etc into your bathroom prior to your bath.

As for the phones and disturbances, try to keep these at bay. During your bath time, tell your family not to disturb you, unless it is an emergency. Turn your phone off and don’t accept any land-line calls.

Devote this time and these spare moments not to just clean your body. Devote them to recover from the stresses of life.


Enjoy a Healing Bath with Aromatherapy

"Aromatherapy bath salts made with real essential oils can also be used to create a healing bath."

Aromatherapy is about the use of scents from essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils come from specialized cells in flowers and plants. Aromatherapy is recognized as a form of alternative medicine. It’s used to decrease stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue. Essential oils can also ease your aches and pains. Each type of oil has different benefits so it’s important to only choose the ones you need.

Relaxing in the tub is one of the most pleasurable ways to unwind after a long day. Add essential oils to your warm bath to enhance relaxation and promote healing. The amount of drops you use depends on the type of essential oil but don’t overdo it. Most aromatherapy experts recommend adding two to five drops after the tub is filled. Breathing in these wonderful scents relieves stress in your body and quiets your mind. You can combine scents to create your personal favorite. Experiment with different scents and notice which ones make you feel the best.

Aromatherapy bath salts made with real essential oils can also be used to create a healing bath. Your skin will feel soft from the exfoliation properties of the bath salts. You can make your own recipe and use your choice of salt and essential oils. Some types of salt often used are Epsom and Himalaya. There are many delicious smelling essential oils such as lavender, tangerine, jasmine, peppermint and rosemary.

There are several safety precautions you should follow. Make sure essential oils are mixed with a proper carrier oil. They are very strong and can irritate your skin. Some oils that shouldn’t be used are wintergreen, bitter almond, camphor and pennyroyal. If you’re pregnant ask your doctor or aromatherapist for advice. Also, ask your doctor before using Epsom salts if you’re pregnant or have any health problems.

10 Great Tub Soaks

Though I haven’t had as much time as a mom as I used to, I used to be the queen of bathtub soaks, with plenty of relaxation tricks up my sleeve. If you’re into tub soaks—and who isn’t?—here are a bunch of different ways to enjoy your time in the tub.

10. Epsom Soak

If you have sore muscles, this is the best soak to help ease your pain. Epsom salts also smell great when you are suffering from sinus issues; they’ll open you right up, even if only temporarily.

9. Flower Petal Soak

This is more romantic than therapeutic, but the sensory experience is not to be missed. Soft real petals on your wet skin is a sensation that everyone should experience sometime.

8. Sake and Tangerines

I learned about this soak via Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Romancing the Ordinary. It’s absolutely heavenly; the water actually feels soft, and the fragrance is amazing!

7. Food Coloring

Just a little bit of dye—with natural food coloring or your favorite bath paints—will go a long way in making your bathtub into a whimsical wonderland.

6. Other Fruits

You might feel like a fruit salad after a while, but some people really enjoy soaking with milk, fruits, and other food ingredients. Cucumbers, especially, can make your water really refreshing.

5. Bath Bombs

The best of these come from Lush, of course, but if you find any elsewhere, they’ll probably work too. The Lush ones actually explode in the water with a surprise from inside, such as confetti or flower petals.

4. Candles!

Candles are essential for tub soaking. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to put them in my bathroom in the house we live in right now, but if you can find some scents you love, they’ll make for a very romantic lit bath.

3. With a Partner

If you love getting romantic in the bathtub with your loved one, go for it! If the tub is big enough for the two of you and it’s something you enjoy, why waste the opportunity?

2. Bath Crayons

Draw all over yourself, the tub, your lover, whatever! It’s incredibly fun and funny, and it’s easy to clean up if you buy or make crayons that are intended for this use.

1. With a Book

This is my all-time favorite soak! You can use any of the ones above you wish combined with it, of course, but just me, some hot water, and a book is a dream.