10 Great Tub Soaks

10 Great Tub Soaks

Though I haven’t had as much time as a mom as I used to, I used to be the queen of bathtub soaks, with plenty of relaxation tricks up my sleeve. If you’re into tub soaks—and who isn’t?—here are a bunch of different ways to enjoy your time in the tub.

10. Epsom Soak

If you have sore muscles, this is the best soak to help ease your pain. Epsom salts also smell great when you are suffering from sinus issues; they’ll open you right up, even if only temporarily.

9. Flower Petal Soak

This is more romantic than therapeutic, but the sensory experience is not to be missed. Soft real petals on your wet skin is a sensation that everyone should experience sometime.

8. Sake and Tangerines

I learned about this soak via Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Romancing the Ordinary. It’s absolutely heavenly; the water actually feels soft, and the fragrance is amazing!

7. Food Coloring

Just a little bit of dye—with natural food coloring or your favorite bath paints—will go a long way in making your bathtub into a whimsical wonderland.

6. Other Fruits

You might feel like a fruit salad after a while, but some people really enjoy soaking with milk, fruits, and other food ingredients. Cucumbers, especially, can make your water really refreshing.

5. Bath Bombs

The best of these come from Lush, of course, but if you find any elsewhere, they’ll probably work too. The Lush ones actually explode in the water with a surprise from inside, such as confetti or flower petals.

4. Candles!

Candles are essential for tub soaking. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to put them in my bathroom in the house we live in right now, but if you can find some scents you love, they’ll make for a very romantic lit bath.

3. With a Partner

If you love getting romantic in the bathtub with your loved one, go for it! If the tub is big enough for the two of you and it’s something you enjoy, why waste the opportunity?

2. Bath Crayons

Draw all over yourself, the tub, your lover, whatever! It’s incredibly fun and funny, and it’s easy to clean up if you buy or make crayons that are intended for this use.

1. With a Book

This is my all-time favorite soak! You can use any of the ones above you wish combined with it, of course, but just me, some hot water, and a book is a dream.