Enjoy a Healing Bath with Aromatherapy

Enjoy a Healing Bath with Aromatherapy

"Aromatherapy bath salts made with real essential oils can also be used to create a healing bath."

Aromatherapy is about the use of scents from essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils come from specialized cells in flowers and plants. Aromatherapy is recognized as a form of alternative medicine. It’s used to decrease stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue. Essential oils can also ease your aches and pains. Each type of oil has different benefits so it’s important to only choose the ones you need.

Relaxing in the tub is one of the most pleasurable ways to unwind after a long day. Add essential oils to your warm bath to enhance relaxation and promote healing. The amount of drops you use depends on the type of essential oil but don’t overdo it. Most aromatherapy experts recommend adding two to five drops after the tub is filled. Breathing in these wonderful scents relieves stress in your body and quiets your mind. You can combine scents to create your personal favorite. Experiment with different scents and notice which ones make you feel the best.

Aromatherapy bath salts made with real essential oils can also be used to create a healing bath. Your skin will feel soft from the exfoliation properties of the bath salts. You can make your own recipe and use your choice of salt and essential oils. Some types of salt often used are Epsom and Himalaya. There are many delicious smelling essential oils such as lavender, tangerine, jasmine, peppermint and rosemary.

There are several safety precautions you should follow. Make sure essential oils are mixed with a proper carrier oil. They are very strong and can irritate your skin. Some oils that shouldn’t be used are wintergreen, bitter almond, camphor and pennyroyal. If you’re pregnant ask your doctor or aromatherapist for advice. Also, ask your doctor before using Epsom salts if you’re pregnant or have any health problems.