The Essentials One Needs For A Relaxing Bath

The Essentials One Needs For A Relaxing Bath

You need time and what else?

You finally have the quiet time to take that relaxing bath. Now all you need is the essentials to make it perfect. What do you need?

You need a nice clean bathtub. You need a bath oil, soap or rinse that you love. This oil, soap or rinse should be one that smells nice. It should have some beneficial ingredients that can help make your skin feel soft and silky once you get out of the water. Should it also contain some extra oils to relax you or invigorate you?

You could purchase a bath oil, soap or rinse that contains these added essential oils. You could also just add the oil or oils into your bath water. These can include lavender or rose for relaxation. For an invigorating scent, you may want to consider any a citrus flavor such as lemongrass.

Next, you may want to set some ambience before you get into the tub or begin to allow the tub to fill with water. This ambience may include a burning candle that matches the scent of your oils or bath soaps.  This ambience may also include some soft playing music.

Once the mood is set, you can begin filling your tub with warm water. Never use hot water. Hot water can strip your skin of needed oils. This can cause a drying effect to occur.

As the tub is filling up with water, you may want to shut off your phone, to keep out any interference and lock your front door. Next, make sure you have a fresh soft towel handy, a soft and comfortable robe to put on after your bath and a pair of comfortable slippers to slip your feet into after the bath. Finally, set out your lotion. This should be applied right after your bath for an added benefit to your skin.

Now check the water temperature of your bath. Once it is correct, enjoy your bath and this quality time you have.