Make Bath Time With Baby Special

Make Bath Time With Baby Special

Don’t rush this time of the day.

Yes, as a mother you probably spend many moments with your baby. You feed your baby.  You diaper your baby. You dress your baby. All of these chores probably become second nature to you after a while. They probably become a little tedious, too, on some days. Yet, you should try your best to make some moments such as the bath time special. You can do these easily.

First, slow down. Make the bath time last. Don’t rush this time of the day.

Next, plan some rituals for this time. Pick a time of the day, that you can slow down and relax a bit more. This may be the morning or evening, whatever works the best for you. However, most moms may agree that after dinner is the best time. This is the time when most of us have slowed down and most of the chores are finished. This is also the time of the day when you and baby may both be more relaxed.

Now enjoy the task of undressing baby. Make a game out of undressing baby. Wiggle her toes while you take off her pants. Sing a silly song, as you take off her blouse. Lay her on a blanket and allow her to enjoy the freedom of being naked for a few moments.

Finally, you should wash baby all over her body. Then snuggle with her a few moments as you dry her off. Give her an extra hug and an extra kiss. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Use this an extra bonding moment between mother and daughter.

Then begin dressing her, again, as you start up a game of peek a boo.  You are sure to gain a smile from her and this is sure to cause you to smile in return.