Making Bath Time Easier With Your Toddler

Making Bath Time Easier With Your Toddler

Try to make a game out of the bath ritual.

Do you have to fight every night to get your toddler to take his bath? Does it seem like he hates water or is just plain scared of the bath ritual? What are some tips that can help make this time easier on both, you and him?

First, try to make a game out of the bath ritual. Don’t take it so seriously. If you are relaxed, your child will be relaxed. If this time of the day stresses you, he will become stressed.

Next, make a game out of it. If there are two toddlers in the home, allow them to share this time together and make the time fun. You can do this easily by purchasing some great smelling bubble bath and place it into the water before the kids get into it. When purchasing the bubble bath, make sure it is kid friendly. This means that you want to make sure that it is a bubble bath product that will not sting or burn the eyes. It should be one that is made specifically for children.

You can also add toys to the bath water to make the bath time even more fun. These toys must be toys that will be able to withstand water. These can include rubber ducks, and toys that are made for the swimming pool such as small boats, as well as other floatables.

Finally, you can add music and songs to the bath time. Teach your children silly songs to sing while you are helping to bathe them. Sing these songs with them. The songs can be ones that you make up together about bathing, smelling good and staying clean.

Try to make the time fun, stress-free and a few moments that you can enjoy together. Then this time may soon become a time that your children enjoy to spend with you.