Turning Your Own Bath Into A Spa Like Experience

Turning Your Own Bath Into A Spa Like Experience

Start by purchasing some luxury towels

Yes, going to the spa is fun and relaxing. Yet, going to the spa can be expensive. It also can be time consuming. This is why many people are turning their own bathrooms into their own spa oasis. This can be as easy as lighting a few candles and relaxing in a bath tub of your favorite bath salts. Yet, you can go the extra mile and turn into a real oasis.

How can you do this? You can start by purchasing some luxury towels. These towels should only be used for these spa-like moments. These towels should thick, soft and should come in your favorite colors. If you want, they can even match your bathroom décor.  After you purchase those towels, you could try to find a luxurious robe that matches their color. Then after you wipe off with the soft towels you wrap up in a robe in matching softness and color.

Before you get into the tub, why not treat yourself to a facial scrub. Place your favorite scrub onto your face and allow it to rejuvenate your skin. While it does this, you can enjoy a nice bath.

Next, you can try something unique with your bath water. Yes, you have surely tried the bath salts, the bath bars, the bath lotions, the bath creams and the bath bubbles. But have you tried turning your bath water into rose water? Simply purchase a few real roses.  Pick off a few rose petals and place in the water. Then enjoy the smell and feel of the water on your skin.