What’s in your bathroom?

What’s in your bathroom?

You can tell a lot about a person when you look at his personal throne room.

I love to look at peoples’ bathrooms. I’m not like a parent running a white glove test, of course; I don’t care about the mess (unless it’s so gross I can’t walk in the room, of course). I care about the different products and décor you will find in the room, which tells a lot about a person.

For example, is everything organic, or homemade? Are there more than ten products for hair care, indicating some high level maintenance, or is it pretty bare? Sometimes you can even get an idea about something you want in your own home, like a deliciously-scented lotion.

My aunt totally stole our Method soap craze when she smelled our hand soap. Are there mermaids and sea shells everywhere—or no décor at all? What kind of theme is there, if any? And the shower curtain—what does it look like? I love shower curtains!

What I really like to do is to see what kind of reading material is available in the john. In ours, as you can see, there are both books and puzzles. My husband and I like to pass notes in our Sudoku books, and my latest book is usually in there since I don’t get a chance to read much outside the bathroom! I’ve seen comic books, magazines and all kinds of fun things in peoples’ bathrooms.