February 2012

An Epsom Salt Bath Is An Inexpensive Way To Eliminate Aches And Pains

Yes, age can cause us to acquire more daily aches and pains.

Yes, age can cause us to acquire more daily aches and pains. When we push ourselves past our limits at work, we can also come home feeling achy. Finally, that new workout that promises to help us lose those last five pounds can certainly add new aches and pains in our body. What is a simple and easy way to relieve some of those pains? One way is to take a nice warm bath in Epsom Salt.

Yes, this is the very stuff your mother and grandmother may use. They use it because it works. They also may use it because it doesn’t break their budget.

The main ingredient in Epsom Salt is magnesium. This is why it can help reduce one’s pain.  When one soak’s their body into a mixture of water and Epsom Salt, the magnesium will soak into the joints and muscles of the body. This will help these areas to relax. Once they start to relax they will become looser. This will cause the stuffiness to go out of the body. This will also begin to eliminate one’s aches and pains.

Prepare Your Bathroom For Quality Baths

A nice hot bath is the perfect way to soak away your problems. You can ease those achy muscles as you allow the warm water to spread across your body. However, to have that perfect bath time, you must prepare your bathroom for this scene.

To do this you must first really look at your bathroom. Does it give you the ambience you need to create a feeling of peace? Look at the walls? Are they too bright? Are they too white? Maybe it is time to repaint them. Consider some pale colors that can soothe you. These can include some pale pinks, blues and greens. Stay away from those bright and vibrant colors.

Now look at your bath tub itself. Is it comfortable? How can you make it more comfortable? Replacing the tub itself can be an expensive and exhausting job. However, you can easily replace the matt that lies in the bottom of your tub. You can also buy some tub pillows to use while you are bathing. These are placed against the neck and head, as one enjoys the water.

Enjoy a Healing Bath with Aromatherapy

"Aromatherapy bath salts made with real essential oils can also be used to create a healing bath."

Aromatherapy is about the use of scents from essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils come from specialized cells in flowers and plants. Aromatherapy is recognized as a form of alternative medicine. It’s used to decrease stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue. Essential oils can also ease your aches and pains. Each type of oil has different benefits so it’s important to only choose the ones you need.