March 2012

Making Bath Time Easier With Your Toddler

Try to make a game out of the bath ritual.

Do you have to fight every night to get your toddler to take his bath? Does it seem like he hates water or is just plain scared of the bath ritual? What are some tips that can help make this time easier on both, you and him?

First, try to make a game out of the bath ritual. Don’t take it so seriously. If you are relaxed, your child will be relaxed. If this time of the day stresses you, he will become stressed.

Next, make a game out of it. If there are two toddlers in the home, allow them to share this time together and make the time fun. You can do this easily by purchasing some great smelling bubble bath and place it into the water before the kids get into it. When purchasing the bubble bath, make sure it is kid friendly. This means that you want to make sure that it is a bubble bath product that will not sting or burn the eyes. It should be one that is made specifically for children.

Turning Your Own Bath Into A Spa Like Experience

Start by purchasing some luxury towels

Yes, going to the spa is fun and relaxing. Yet, going to the spa can be expensive. It also can be time consuming. This is why many people are turning their own bathrooms into their own spa oasis. This can be as easy as lighting a few candles and relaxing in a bath tub of your favorite bath salts. Yet, you can go the extra mile and turn into a real oasis.

How can you do this? You can start by purchasing some luxury towels. These towels should only be used for these spa-like moments. These towels should thick, soft and should come in your favorite colors. If you want, they can even match your bathroom décor.  After you purchase those towels, you could try to find a luxurious robe that matches their color. Then after you wipe off with the soft towels you wrap up in a robe in matching softness and color.

The Essentials One Needs For A Relaxing Bath

You need time and what else?

You finally have the quiet time to take that relaxing bath. Now all you need is the essentials to make it perfect. What do you need?

You need a nice clean bathtub. You need a bath oil, soap or rinse that you love. This oil, soap or rinse should be one that smells nice. It should have some beneficial ingredients that can help make your skin feel soft and silky once you get out of the water. Should it also contain some extra oils to relax you or invigorate you?

You could purchase a bath oil, soap or rinse that contains these added essential oils. You could also just add the oil or oils into your bath water. These can include lavender or rose for relaxation. For an invigorating scent, you may want to consider any a citrus flavor such as lemongrass.

Make Bath Time With Baby Special

Don’t rush this time of the day.

Yes, as a mother you probably spend many moments with your baby. You feed your baby.  You diaper your baby. You dress your baby. All of these chores probably become second nature to you after a while. They probably become a little tedious, too, on some days. Yet, you should try your best to make some moments such as the bath time special. You can do these easily.

First, slow down. Make the bath time last. Don’t rush this time of the day.

Next, plan some rituals for this time. Pick a time of the day, that you can slow down and relax a bit more. This may be the morning or evening, whatever works the best for you. However, most moms may agree that after dinner is the best time. This is the time when most of us have slowed down and most of the chores are finished. This is also the time of the day when you and baby may both be more relaxed.